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The soap factory in Seillans : Maître Savonitto

Updated: Jul 26

le mas des romarins fayence chambres d'hôtes de qualité savonnerie de seillans

At the Mas des Romarins we take very seriously our environmental impact, we use local produce and artisan manufacturers with an eye on protecting the environment wherever possible; these are values that we share with Karine and Frédéric, founders of the Aqui d’Aïa brand and owners of the artisan soap factory Atelier du Savon Maître Savonitto in Broves near Seillans.

They gave us a warm welcome to their family-run factory, where, in addition to these shared values, they also foster a very human work-ethic. As soon as we arrived, our senses were aroused by the colours and smells of Provence and the South of France. With over 20 years know-how coupled with a genuine love of this area and its art of living, their creations reflect the essence of the South.

The product range consists of mainly bars of soap in all shapes and sizes that are moulded and stamped on site; their production focuses on reducing waste and using recycled materials wherever possible. Ingredients used are eco-friendly and biodegradable – often being certified as such – with an eye to simplicity and a natural feel, in keeping with this eco-responsible approach. Traceability of each ingredient reassures that sourcing is done either locally or at least at a “Made in France” level.

le mas des romarins chambres d'hôtes de qualité fayence savonnerie de seillans

Two complementary worlds are on offer at the soap factory:

First is the brand Maitre Savonitto, with a character akin to an old-style chemists or apothecary, where each ingredient and its beneficial qualities are honoured across a traditional product range: bars of soap, liquid soaps, candles and even traditional household cleaning products A clever mix of innovation and authenticity offers products that Grandma might have used but that have been bought right up to date, to for an olfactory journey across the South of France as written about by Pagnol.

Production of the range is designed to minimise its environmental impact, with ingredients sourced locally – the soaps for example use essential oils and maceration oils from Provence, the asses milk is from the Pyrenees and Bretagne, with certain wooden packaging responsibly sourced in the Jura…

To sum up the DNA of Maître Savonitto, we’d say it reflects:

  • A know-how spanning more than twenty years

  • Locally sourced, eco-friendly ingredients

  • An ethics-led business that seeks to reduce environmental impact

  • A recognition of the rich heritage of local produce and its excellent quality

  • All affordably priced

le mas des romarins chambres d'hôtes de qualité fayence savonnerie de seillans

The second brand that we met is their latest brainchild and baby: Aqui D’Aïa, a Provencal expression meaning “From here and elsewhere”. Whilst it still has its origins very firmly rooted at the heart of Provence, it offers a more modern and contemporary design and feel. It tells a story of indulgence with a hint of hedonism, very much in keeping with our own ethos of “Farniente d’Épicure” at the Mas des Romarins and its understated, lazy indulgence. Again, the brand is grounded in artisan know-how and makes extensive use of natural, local ingredients from long-standing suppliers who espouse these same values. A cunning mix of the aesthetic with the senses of touch and smell, provide an ode to Provence, reflecting is sun, countryside, light, fragrances and its heat. It takes you on a sensory odyssey around our beautiful region.

So, to sum up the core values of the brand, we’d say they are :

  • Sunshine – a freedom and joy for living typical of the French Riviera

  • Generosity – bringing to the fore local craftsmanship, rich with beautiful “objets”

  • Responsibility – A return to simplicity and nature to rediscover the benefits of our beautiful planet and all it has to offer us

  • A relaxed naturalness – aromatic plants that are really done justice by a master craftsman soap maker

le mas des romarins chambres d'hôtes de qualité fayence savonnerie de seillans

Karine and Frédéric’s Journey

After several years in the luxury and expat sectors, Karine andFrédéric wanted to return to a simpler way of mife, where they could really showcase French heritage and craftsmanship, whilst remaining true to their core values of running an eco-friendly business, using locally sourced materials. They are committed to producing quality products, made from natural ingredients and would be delighted to welcome you to their artisan soap factory just 10 minutes away from the Mas des Romarins.

Atelier du Savon - Maître Savonitto

320 All. des Esclapières, 83440 Seillans

04 94 47 86 65

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