How we're coping with #COVID-19

Dear Guests and potential Guests, In light of the curent COVID-19 restrictions I wanted to give you a short update on our situation and provide you with as much timely information as possible. Firstly, thanks for your interest in Le Mas des Romarins, we hope you are holding up OK during this difficult period, we count ourselves very lucky that we've space and plenty to do pre-season, whilst I continue to work from home pretty much as normal, Christophe's salon has closed so there's a lot of odd jobs and gardening that's all getting done - the place will be looking pristine if & when you come down to stay! As you'd expect our season is pretty much dead in the water we think, we've had most of our guests cancel in the last two weeks (just a reminder that our free cancellation terms are 30 days prior to the stay start date), and have already been refunded. France is due to come out of strict lock-down progressively from the 11th May, but as yet what that actually means and for whom is still vague - President Macron is giving another speech, but I'm dubious he'll have much more detail to add at this stage. We've peaked in France and are now on the other side of the curve, but numbers aren't dropping as fast as they were hoping I think, and they've been very clear that any decision made can and will be reversed if the second wave & peak warrants it. Our region PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) is still classed as "green" as I write, which means treavel up to 100km is likely to be allowed and gatherings of up to 10 people permitted. As yet we haven't been told if B&Bs are allowed to reopen as part of the partial deconfinement. We will open as soon as we are allowed to and I will post again to confirm when that will be just as soon as we know more. On a practical note, here's a bit about our game plan if we're allowed to reopen: 1. We only have 4 rooms each en suite, they'll be deep cleaned after every stay 2. We've plenty of space and will serve breakfast outside at individual tables 3. We'll encourage guests to respect the 1m social distancing and will not serve breakfast as a buffet but as table service 4. We'll clean communal surfaces and areas regularly, several times daily 5. We'll put plenty of hand sanitiser around the house and in all rooms, 6. We'll make available a supply of masks, and will wear them ourselves (if that advice remains in force) 7. We've added several new seating areas around the grounds and the yoga area is now finished, so we can offer guests some peace and quiet (and social distance!), Please stay safe and we hope to see you at some point this summer! With very best wishes, Rupert & Christophe

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- Ade - You can feel Provence!

What a pleasure to be in the middle of French Provence, the place is gorgeous and the hosts are very thoughtful. Love bedding and furnitures :)