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Drought in the Fayence area: A few good gestures to adopt to save water

According to a recent worldwide study by McKinsey, the notion of sustainability is important for 75% of travellers, who ask themselves what measures are in place or being put in place to reduce their environmental impact by the places they are considering staying, such as the Mas des Romarins. The report flags the things that matter as being recycling practices, energy efficiency measures and environmentally friendly products, as important to you as they are to us. This summer, our particular focus of attention is water and its conservation during this time of severe drought.

The water level in our lakes and rivers is very low and we’ve had worryingly little rainfall for the whole of the 2022 summer period so far. As a result the Regional government has put in a place a severe drought alert right across the 9 villages that make up the Pays de Fayence area. Water is our most precious resource, and we really are duty-bound to protect and conserve it. The maximum water consumption per person per day (pp/pd) has been set at 200 litres, with the exception of Seillans, particularly hard-hit, where the limit is lower at 150litres pp/pd. We are therefore counting on our guests to join us in our efforts to save water and thank you for everything you do to help, making a few small changes really can make a big difference.

At Mas des Romarins, we’ve been very conscious about our environmental impact from day one. We’ve put in place a number of measures over the years, several of which aim to reduce our water consumption: our rooms are all equipped with Starck “Rainforest” showers and taps, which reduce water consumption by 50% without feeling you’re showering under a trickle. This summer we’ve put stainless steel pails in each room to collect cool water as the warm takes a minute or two to come through, we re-use the water for our plants. Our toilets also are low-flush to reduce the amount we use.

The garden is largely laid down to local Mediterranean flora, that are used to the dry and the heat and needing less water. We have also installed a system of “Oyas” or clay pots which we have buried in the garden, they avoid losing water to evaporation - instead providing it directly to plant roots, thereby greatly reducing consumption. In addition, we have a droplet water system in most of our flower beds programmed to water early morning and evening, again helping reduce the quantity needed.

In addition to all of this we’d like to ask for our guests help, with just a few small, daily gestures. Please keep showers short, 4-5 mins should really be enough, I go one stage further and turn off the water as I soap and then back on again to rinse; turning off the tap as you clean your teeth or lather your hands. We wait until we’ve a full load before putting on the dishwasher or washing machine. We are also checking our water meter regularly, to keep an eye on our consumption and ensure we’ve no leaks. Our guiding principles are to use as little as possible, as carefully as possible. Thanks for helping to achieve them.

Why not take a look at the emergency regulations or discover all of our environmental measures ?

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