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Discover on this page the various hiking trails, walks and heritage tours near the Mas des Romarins.

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Hiking & Walks

4km – 1h30mn – Easy

Crédit : OTIPF

Combine the discovery of two perched villages! Discover Montauroux and Callian by taking the GR de Pays in the valley of the Saint-Donat chapel.

The Vallon de Saint-Donat - Callian

4km – 2 hours – Very easy

sentier numérique fondurane.jpg

This 43ha site is a true living reserve! Located on the eastern arm of Lake Saint Cassien, we discover a multitude of animals that accompany us for a walk. The walk leads to an ornithological observatory.

Digital trail in Fondurane

5km – 1h45mn – Very easy

découverte fondurane.jpg

This 43ha site is a true living reserve! Located on the eastern arm of Lake Saint Cassien, we discover a multitude of animals that accompany us for a walk. The walk leads to an ornithological observatory.

Discovery of the Biotope of Fondurane - Montauroux

6,5km – 2h30min – Easy

foret domaniale tourettes.jpg

During this walk you will discover the old restored washhouse of Boudoura and the ruins of the burnt mill, now disused. 

Towards the national forest – Tourrettes

Lake Rioutard – Saint-Paul-En-Forêt

3km – 1h30mn – Very easy


Lac du Rioutard is a hill reservoir dating from 1974. Stroll through an exceptional natural setting. Let yourself be guided on the botanical trail created in 2007 by the Respire association, to discover Mediterranean plant species.

Old Garrot mine and Roman aqueduct – Montauroux

8km – 2h30mn – Very easy

In a majestic setting, this route retraces a historical and painful past on the rupture of the Malpasset dam, which caused on the night of December 2, 1959, a murderous surge of water on the city of Fréjus.


La Grange Vieille – Tanneron

3,2km – 1h30mn – Very easy

The Lac de Saint-Cassien is held back by a dam on the course of the Biançon intended to supply electricity. Take advantage of this walk to admire magnificent views of the lake and the dam.


Shores of Lake Saint-Cassien – Montauroux

4km – 1h30 – Very easy

Pleasant walk on the GR49. Overlook the lake with magnificent viewpoints and let yourself be carried away by the small paths that will lead you to the edges of the lake.


Lake Méaulx – Saint-Paul-en-Forêt

7km – 2h30mn – Easy


Between the Massif des Maures and the forests of Fayence, Seillans and Saint-Paul-en-Fôret, there are traces of the location of Lake Meaulx of 11 hectares in a very wooded and green environment.

The Royal Forest – Saint-Paul-en-Forêt

8km – 2h30mn – Easy

Hike in the heart of the Royal Forest, very pleasant to walk with its downy oaks, cork oaks and hornbeams. Several species of birds to observe: goshawk, woodcock or kingfisher. During the walk: magnificent view of Lac de Méaulx.


La Rouvière – Bagnols-en-forêt

3km – 1 hour – Very easy

Very pleasant family walk in the woods. Halfway through, view of the sea, Saint-Raphaël and the Estérel. Majestic pines, oaks and even olive trees line the course. 


Les Bories – Seillans

3km – 1h30mn – Very easy

The shepherds of Provence offer us wonders: discover the heart of Borie and its exceptional architecture. The Seillanaise bories were built between the 18th and 19th centuries. Period in which developed the clearing and cultivation of land. 

les bories.jpg

Gourbachin waterfall – Bagnols-en-forêt

2km – 45mn – Very easy


Very easy walk suitable for young children. The route runs along the Petit Riou (dry in summer) and takes advantage of the shade of the trees and the coolness of the valley. Magnificent waterfall at the end of the course.

The Coucou Stone – Bagnols-en-Forêt

6,5km – 2h30mn – Easy

A pleasant hike to do in good weather to enjoy the view. You will discover a former Millstone cutting factory in the heart of the red rocks with magnificent viewpoints!

pierre du coucou.jpg

The megalith of Riens – Mons

4,5km – 1h30mn – Very easy

Family hike to discover Mons, the Saint-Pierre Oratory and the Riens megalith. The dolmen of Riens is laid out in the center of a tumulus and housed collective tombs. 

mégalithe riens.jpg

Walk in the heart of the Mimosa – Tanneron

4km – 1h30mn – Very easy

Tanneron, Land of Mimosa! One and a half hour walk around the village, very pleasant to discover the village and its panoramic views, in the heart of the mimosas from January to March.


The Two Peaks of La Pigne – Seillans

3,8km – 1h30mn – Easy

sommets de la pigne.jpg

Walk without great difficulty leading to the summit of the Pigne. Vast panorama over the Estérel massif, the sea, and to the north over the perched villages and the Pre-Alps.

The Blavet Gorges – Bagnols-en-forêt

7km – 2h30mn – Moderate

Carved into red volcanic rocks, the gorges offer beautiful geological curiosities such as the Muéron cave, one of the major climbing sites in the Var.

gorges blavet.jpg

Heritage circuits of our villages

2km – 1h30mn – Very easy


Founded in the year 1044 at the foot of a medieval pilgrimage route to Compostela, Montauroux, Jewels of the East Var, rustling with the murmur of the fountains of Subrane and the confidences of the washhouses of Maya, enchants you with a mosaic of classified biodiversity.

Heritage tour of Montauroux

1,5km – 1 hour – Very easy


Callian, the medieval charm in heritage. At the heart of a terrace celebrated for bravado, around chapels, between squares and picturesque alleys, climb to this belvedere crowned with a noble fortress sublimated by fields of May roses.

Callian Heritage Tour

2km – 1 hour – Very easy


Along the path of the Château du Puy, venture to Tourrettes, and through a maze of cobbled streets, punctuated by inspired sculptures, colorful paintings, squares, discover an open-air museum like a cultural trail unusual.

Heritage tour of Tourrettes

1,5km – 1 hour – Very easy


Fayence, land of flight. In a setting of green hills, Fayence, an attractive tourist town, is queen in its country. Historic with its sarazine gate and its mid-air oven, it is also a land of flight for high-flying medalist records.

Fayence heritage circuit

1,6km – 1 hour – Very easy

saint paul.jpg

Installed in the heart of a Royal Forest, pines and century-old cork oaks, Saint-Paul-en-Forêt, protected by the Saint-Joseph chapel which points above its roofs, amazes you along the botanical path of the lake. de Rioutard or the Endre.

Heritage tour of Saint-Paul-en-Foret

1km – 1 hour – Very easy


Perched on the rock, buffeted by the wind, Mons invites you to walk through time, from the prehistoric dolmen of Riens, to the alleys decorated with wrought iron signs celebrating the trades of yesteryear which lead you along the cobbled streets.

Heritage tour of Mons

1km – 45mn – Very easy


Chosen by Max Ernst and his friends Prévert and Man Ray, Seillans, with its Bories sheltering the shepherds, Mont Malay perfumed with broom, offers you the endearing charm of one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, watched over by Notre-Dame de

l' Abalone.

Seillans heritage tour

1,5km – 1 hour – Very easy


At the crossroads of the ancient Via Aurélia, Bagnols-en-Forêt, leaning against the foothills of the Estérel, refreshed by the sea breeze which crosses the Pierre du Coucou pass, treats you to majestic viewpoints, the Gorges du Blavet at Pic de la Gardiette.

Heritage circuit of Bagnols-en-forêt

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